Pieter van der Zwan & Associates

We specialize in South African tax and IFRS advice. Our clients get high-quality advice from an advisor with whom they can build a close long-term personal working relationship.


We offer tailored South African tax solutions to our clients. Our services range from planning and assistance to determine tax positions taken to assisting with disputes.  Our clients can expect solutions that combine technical excellence and practical insight with the personal touch of a trusted advisor.

Our offering includes:

Tax Reviews

Proactive management and monitoring of your tax affairs avoids disputes and leakages. We perform reviews for corporates and high net-worth taxpayers.

Tax Consultation and Advice

We assist taxpayers and advisors to assess the tax implications and risks of various alternatives for transactions and structures to ultimately find a tailored solution.

Tax Opinions

We provide clients with balanced and well-researched opinions on South African tax matters (including section 223(3) opinions).

Tax Disputes

We assist taxpayers and their accountants to successfully navigate the tax dispute process from audits to appeals.

Correspondence with SARS

We assist taxpayers to obtain advance tax rulings, opinions, and directives from SARS.

Correspondence with Legal Counsel

Some tax matters are inherently complex and may require consultation with counsel. We assist in drafting briefings and correspondence with counsel.


We advise on a wide range of South African tax matters. Our areas of experience and expertise include:

Wealth structures

Tax residence and changes thereto

Mergers and acquisitions

Corporate reorganisations

Complex business model and transaction structuring

Financing transactions and instruments


We aim to build a long-term working relationship with each client. Our regular clients include:

Small and medium-sized businesses and their owners


High growth start-up businesses

High-net worth individuals 

Trusts and the vehicles that house wealth

Accountants and auditors

Law firms

Tax practitioners

Prof Pieter van der Zwan

Pieter is a chartered accountant (CA(SA)) who holds a master’s degree in tax. He is an associate professor at a South African university where he is responsible for a master’s degree in tax. He is the author of chapters in various textbooks, peer-reviewed articles, and articles in industry publications. He has been practicing as an independent tax and technical accounting advisor since 2010. He serves on technical committees of various professional bodies.


The 2020 tax amendments

The 2020 tax amendments

The National Treasury recently published a number of bills that contain the amendments to the tax laws for the 2020 legislative cycle. This article reviews a selection of amendments that are likely to be of broad relevance to taxpayers and advisors. It is not intended...

Tax deductions for future expenses

Tax deductions for future expenses

Taxpayers are generally only entitled to deduct expenses in determining their taxable income when they actually incur the expenditure. Section 24C of the Income Tax Act provides an exception to this rule.  This article provides a brief overview of the provision and...

Tax treatment of bad and doubtful debts

Tax treatment of bad and doubtful debts

In the current business conditions lenders increasingly face the prospect of not being able to fully recover debts. These debts may include trade debts, for example, trade receivables, but also longer-term debts. This article provides an overview of the relevant tax...

Tax consequences of debt relief

Tax consequences of debt relief

Debt restructuring arrangements are likely to become more prevalent in the tough economic conditions that South Africa currently encounter. One of the key considerations when entering into such an arrangement is to understand the tax consequences.  This article...

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